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Back pain

Discover here all the products allowing you to relieve your back pain

Back pain: the evil of the century

More and more people are complaining: back pain is ravaging the population and it is not about to stop according to statistics. The cause of stress and constraining and exhausting living conditions.

We often meet people with low back pain, sciatica or a herniated disc. These pathologies can be very annoying and are accompanied by pain which is sometimes intense. It is important to treat chronic pain by addressing the causes and not just the symptoms.

Movement is most often recommended in order to regain good health. It is good to plan with your doctor or physiotherapist a work plan to regain mobility and the well-being of your back and lower back. The solutions presented here will help you move in this direction and towards recovery.

Back pain

Relieve the back pain with simple and effective solutions

You will not have unwanted effects or a hole in your wallet with the solutions we offer. Relieve your back pain at a lower cost and naturally with the massagers, acupressure mats, decompression devices and posture correctors that you will find here.

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Tapis d'acupression fleur de lotus anti douleurs, coussin et détail fleur

Pain relief lotus flower acupressure mat

Regular price €59.90
Correcteur de posture magnétique - Porté par un homme et détails des aimants - Cervi-Care

Magnetic posture corrector

Regular price €29.90
Redresseur de dos orthopédique - correcteur de posture orthopédique redresse dos

Orthopedic back straightener

Regular price €23.90
Coussin ergonomique pour le dos - Bleu myrtille

Ergonomic back cushion

Regular price €39.90
Soutien gorge correcteur de posture

Posture correcting bra

Regular price €34.90
Sous vêtement pour redresser le dos sur femme qui pose - correcteur de posture sous vêtement redresse dos

Underwear to straighten the back

Regular price €19.99
Ceinture orthopédique de maintien lombaire chauffante et magnétique - Noir / S

Heated and magnetic lumbar support orthopedic belt

Regular price €54.90
Tapis d’Acupression Shakti - Noir et Or

Shakti Acupressure Mat

Regular price €79.90
Pistolet de Massage Musculaire

Muscle Massage Gun

Regular price €149.95
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