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Massage Roller

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Massage roller, the ultimate weapon for a pressure massage on the muscles

A massage roller, or foam roller is great because it allows you to deeply massage the muscles at the desired pressure and with unmatched precision.

The massage rollers allow you to practice self-massages with emphasis on the hard areas of the muscles. These areas of tension (trigger point) are often easier to spot by oneself. Muscle pains are thus more easily relieved.

Massage roller

Massage rollers to massage muscles and face but also reduce pain!

There are several types of massage rollers. Most are used very well after sport and fitness for the recovery of the athlete after intense exercises. Others are specifically designed to reduce pain by including acupressure in massage. Finally, the Jade models are more intended to relax the muscles of the face and the neck.

We have all the models in our store and at low prices. They can't be found in stores, so take advantage of them!

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