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Shakti Acupressure Mat

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The Shakti Acupressure Mat has been used by Indian mystics for centuries in the practice of healing and meditation. Today, it has been reinvented to offer you a whole range of benefits, from soothing insomnia and stress, to helping rebalance after a long haul flight, to pain relief and even reducing the appearance of cellulite (the spikes help the body rid itself of toxins and increase blood flow, to help break down stubborn fat). It's also great for relieving neck and back pain, and may even have a positive impact on your complexion!

Eliminate your aches and pains with our Shakti acupressure mat

Far from being a frightening instrument of torture, this Shakti Acupressure Mat can quickly impact those stubborn aches and pains and help you get a heavenly night's sleep. Manufacturers have cleverly combined Eastern wisdom and Scandinavian modernity to create a funky-looking acupressure mat that relieves tension, stress, and stubborn tightness - helping you relax, clear your mind, and feel good. Over 8,800 non-toxic plastic spikes are laid out on the mat and work much like acupuncture needles, helping to release endorphins (the body's happiness drug) and oyxtocin, to help you to stay calm and relaxed.

Shakti Acupressure Mat - Lotus Flower Plastic Tips Details

How to use our Shakti acupressure mat

Lay the bed of nails on the floor or on a mattress and slowly land on it. Beginners should wear a light T-shirt or lay a sheet on the mattress until your body and skin get used to the spikes. At first, lie on the nail bed for 10 to 15 minutes, and as you get used to the pressure you can increase to 20 to 30 minutes.

Use the bed as often as needed, preferably every day. Don't worry if your skin itches a bit or if you feel a warm, tingling sensation, and it is safe to fall asleep on the mat for a while.

Leaning against the mat (rather than lying on the mat and pillow) is a lighter way to use your Shakti Acupressure Mat as you acclimatize (you put less weight on the spikes) . Place the mat / pillow on the back of your sofa, bed, or chair to enjoy the benefits while building your tolerance.

Is Shakti mat good for muscle tension?

Many people recommend the Shakti Acupressure Mat as being beneficial for Restless Leg Syndrome and as a good way to relieve muscles after exercise or sport.

Is Shakti mat good for anxiety and stress?

With regular use of the Shakti Acupressure Mat, you will feel more relaxed and energized. Note, however, that if your level of stress or anxiety is too high, we recommend that you consult your general practitioner at the same time.


  • Type: complete acupressure kit with storage bag;
  • Materials : Cotton, 18D High Density Foam, Lotus ABS Acupressure Flowers;
  • Weight : 1000 g;
  • Cut : 64 x 41 x 2 cm (mattress) / 34 x 15 x 10 cm (pillow);
  • Washing : by hand, lukewarm water and hang for drying.


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