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Copper Fit Back Brace

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The Cooper Fit Back Brace helps support the lower back muscles. It can relieve muscle pain in the back caused by playing sports, physically demanding work or other strenuous activities.

This lumbar support belt has several advantages:

  • Adjustable compression level
  • Provides support to the spine
  • Uses copper-infused fabric to fight odors and bacteria
  • Can be worn under or over clothing

How Cooper Back Brace Can Help You

Cooper Back Brace reduce the pressure on the spine by providing stability. This allows the muscles around the spine to relax, which can reduce pain.

People used to believe that lumbar support belts could weaken the muscles in the back, making a person more likely to injure themselves and suffer from back pain over time. However, a 2017 literature review concluded that there was not enough evidence to suggest that these supports cause muscle weakness.

However, a person with back pain may wish to contact a doctor before wearing a Cooper Back Brace to make sure it is right for them and can treat their back pain.

Cooper Fit Back Brace for back pain

Cooper Fit Back Brace and scoliosis

Additionally, people with scoliosis might benefit from wearing a back brace during childhood or adolescence to help promote proper spinal alignment as they grow. Scoliosis is a condition that causes the spine to curl to one side.

However, back brace intended for people with this condition are more specialized than those that can be found online. Additionally, many neurological surgeons state that back brace for spinal problems, such as scoliosis, are only effective in people who have not reached skeletal maturity.

Who is the Cooper Fit Back Brace for?

This Cooper Fit Back Brace is suitable for people who lead an active lifestyle, play sports or have jobs that put pressure on the lower back. The back corset is not suitable for people with an overweight waistline.

Cooper Fit Back Brace in Spandex fabric - Profile view

How to wear the Cooper Fit Back Brace

To wear the cooper back brace, simply wrap it around the abdomen and lower back and tighten the adjustable straps to the desired level. Velcro straps ensure that the closures are secure.

The person may wear the Cooper Fit Back Brace under or over their clothing. It's made of a lightweight, moisture-wicking material infused with copper to help resist odor. Some research conducted in 2014 suggests that copper is an effective antibacterial and antifungal material that reduces the risk of infections in hospital settings.


  • Materials: copper impregnated spandex fabric.
  • Type: unisex
  • Washing: cold washing and air drying
  • Cut: one cut


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