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About us

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An alternative medicine approach

Founder of Cervi-Care™, I have always been attracted to alternative medicine. I like to treat myself as naturally as possible. I am convinced that alternative treatments to classical medicine remain unknown and not enough used. I realized after a serious accident that, although indispensable, physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions are difficult to practice on a daily basis. At issue: the schedules and sometimes the price when there is no coverage by the mutual insurance company. Complementary solutions to the therapies of health professionals are needed. This is what I want to bring with cervi-care.com.

Pathologies related to the cervical, lumbar and more generally the back require daily care.

Alternative solutions to meet your needs

Our lifestyles are increasingly sedentary. It is common to spend the day sitting at a desk. Stress and bad habits complete this situation. Many people complain of pain in the spine and more specifically in the lumbar and cervical spines. The figures confirm this: 65% of the working population complains of back or neck pain.

Helping them to solve these problems is the vocation of Cervi-Care™. This is why, promoting and making accessible alternative and original solutions to relieve your pain are our major objectives.

Cervi-Care™ gathers in this store products not or little known with proven effects. They come from several horizons, including the United States, Europe and China. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a different and more advanced approach to paramedical problems. It is probably the fruit of a thousand-year-old tradition.

A quality recognized by health professionals

Cervi-Care™ is in contact with professionals to support this approach. The selected products are tested before being validated and offered for sale on this site thanks to contacts with physiotherapists and doctors.

This allows us to guarantee effective solutions without danger to your health. Your well-being is in good hands at Cervi-Care™ !

Discover the Cervi-Care™ commitment.

Cervi-Care™ is at your service to satisfy you.

Damien Reyniers, founder of Cervi-Care™

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