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How about becoming our affiliate?

Sailing boat on the sea - Affiliation

Earn a commission on each sale of a Cervi-Care™ product by becoming an affiliate!

In just a few steps…

  1. Create your account.
  2. Generate your personalized link and/or a 10% discount voucher to offer through your personal interface.
  3. Share your link or your discount voucher to sell the products (to your contacts by email, on your website/blog, your social networks ...).
  4. Receive the total of your commissions on each sale made via your link or your discount voucher every 5th of the month!

NOTE: If someone doesn't buy right away after clicking on your link or voucher, but they done within 30 days, you still get your commission (thanks to a cookie).

The base commission percentage is 10% on each sale of products.

If you make 20 sales, you move to MEDIUM rank and benefit from an additional 2% (i.e. a total commission of 12%).

If you exceed 100 sales, you upgrade to PREMIUM rank and earn an additional 3% (i.e. a total commission of 15%).

If you reach 500 sales, you upgrade to EXPERT rank and earn a bonus of Additional € 500 for every 500 sales in addition to the 15% on each sale.


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