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Stress at work, one of the great evils of our civilization

Stress is a natural human reaction. It is a reaction of the brain to external situations. Stress can be positive or negative. Positive stress allows us to act more intensely and more effectively. When the brain can no longer respond and is overwhelmed by events, stress becomes penalizing. We have all experienced periods of stress at work which make our life difficult and difficult to live. Stress is one of the great evils of modern western civilization.

Once the body can no longer cope with pressure, work and problems, health takes a hit. Then come illnesses and chronic stress which can lead to psychological problems, an increasing lack of sleep and general ill-being.

Fortunately, this is not irreversible: relaxation and relaxation are the weapons absolute to find a normal life, accompanied by a psychological work very necessary to find the causes of our anxieties. Massages, yoga, meditation and laughter are staunch allies in helping us release stress.

Stress at work

Reducing stress with alternative solutions

Whether in case of stress and fatigue, stress and weight gain or stress and dizziness, it is important to relax and unwind to regain a normal state and energy level. Massages and acupressure do wonders to help you move in this direction. We offer in this collection our best alternative and natural treatment solutions to reduce the modern scourge of negative stress.

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Pistolet de Massage Musculaire

Muscle Massage Gun

Regular price €149.95
Tapis d'acupression fleur de lotus anti douleurs, coussin et détail fleur

Pain relief lotus flower acupressure mat

Regular price €59.90
Tapis d’Acupression Shakti - Noir et Or

Shakti Acupressure Mat

Regular price €79.90 Sale price €56
Rouleau de massage en pierre de Jade Cervi-Care

Jade stone massage roller

Regular price €18.90

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