Cervical Collar

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Neck collars for relax and relieve pain

Cervical collars are tools to reduce pain and relax. When your cervical spine is sore, whether it's stiff neck or your neck is stiff with strain, it's important to take care of it.

It is often advisable to stay still when doing this types of pathologies. We have a different vision that favors movement to free ourselves from pain rather than immobilization. The inflatable cervical collar, for example, exerts cervical traction to space the inflamed vertebrae. The magnetic and heating cervical collar fluidizes the blood circulation to relax the muscles of the neck. Their daily use will definitely keep you from worry. Enjoy yours now.

Cervical collar

The daily use of a cervical collar for better being

A cervical collar will help you relieve your pain in the case of severe cervical pathologies and for all types of neck pain. We offer you innovative cervical collars that work by magneto-therapy, thermotherapy or cervical decompression.

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