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Back brace

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Back brace: the ultimate solution to support and comfort your lower back

A back brace, lumbar belt or lower back brace helps you prevent bad lower back posture and the pain associated with it. Very useful for treating restraints or sciatica, they are health and comfort assets. They can be used during and after all types of activities, such as sports and work.

Perfect for relieving lower back pain, lumbar support are particularly indicated in cases of low back pain and when carrying loads . The heated and magnetic models help reduce pain, and in particular allow better blood circulation, which is good for all your back muscles and your body.

Back Brace

Quality and innovative back brace for better comfort

We select the back brace that we offer you on the basis of their material and manufacturing qualities. We only offer you innovative models that have been proven in the maintenance and reduction of lower back pain. Whether you are looking for strength training support, pain relief support, or just a belt for added comfort, we've got you covered!

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Ceinture orthopédique de maintien lombaire chauffante et magnétique - Noir / S

Heated and magnetic lumbar support orthopedic belt

Regular price €49.90
Ceinture Lombaire Sport sur homme de face

Back Support Belt

Regular price €46.90
Ceinture Lombaire Musculation rouge et homme en position de soulever des altères

Weight Lifting Belt

Regular price €43.90
Ceinture Lombaire Femme 3 coloris et femme qui porte la ceinture dorsale

Back Brace for Women

Regular price €56.90
Ceinture de maintien lombaire

Lumbar Support Belt

Regular price €39.90

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