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The health measures taken to fight against Covid19 have imposed teleworking on a large part of the population. This remote work has many advantages, such as saving time when traveling home / office, more flexible organization of the day, greater concentration, facilities in childcare, possibilities of going out during breaks, etc. But teleworking is not without constraints and it also generates perverse effects such as addiction to work and the constantly connected computer, intrusion into the family environment, professional isolation, physical and psychological fatigue and health disorders . Many people are ill-equipped to work at home and have to make...

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INTRODUCTION: 1 - The physiological need to rest the shoulder girdle is essential for everyday life. This often results in reflex and unconscious mechanisms like putting your hands in your pockets, resting your forearms on an armrest, crossing your forearms. The most relevant position is elbows close to the body, flexion around 90, shoulders relaxed, spine corrected, hands and wrists in a neutral position without hyperflexion or hyperextension. The support of the forearms, wrists and hands provides the desired muscle relaxation.. This must be done in the best position to avoid any biomechanical overwork at the risk of aggravating certain...

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Contents: Why this link between stress and back / neck pain? What is the type of stress associated with back and neck pain? Stress and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS) Why back pain from stress? How to fight stress and back pain? Fight against stress to avoid back and neck pain Prevent stress-related back and neck pain Back pain and stress are both common problems these days. What many people ignore is that they can be intimately related. Back pain often goes up to the neck. They are caused by different causes. We can cite among others bad posture, poor quality of...

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