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Popular belief is that people with rheumatism suffer more in cold, humid weather. The ancients even claim that osteoarthritis plays the role of a barometer: those who have it can predict the arrival of rain or frost just by feeling the pain intensifying in their joints. In China, the two ideograms making up the word rheumatism mean wind and wet. Japanese TV, for its part, offers weather-health programs that warn viewers of the pain to be expected when the weather turns bad. It is commonly believed that joint disease is more painful in winter than in summer. But what about?...

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Summary: Types of back massagers The benefits of using a back massager How to choose the right back massager? What to think of Shiatsu back massagers? Where to find a reliable back massager? We live in a time when stress spares no one. The causal factors are multiple but we can particularly point the finger at the sedentary lifestyle and the hectic pace of life that most people lead. Poor diet and a lack of sleep are no big deal. They can even get worse when personal and / or money issues add to the equation. Stress is naturally harmful...

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According to The universal language of the body by Philippe Turchet. Summary: Transient emotions and permanent emotions Left brain and right brain Micro-itching The symbolism of the body is universal The neck is the royal road to emotions The back, an eminently symbolic area Shoulders to support The body thinks out loud We don't realize it, but more than 80 of our exchanges go through channels other than words. The body speaks, it expresses all of our emotions, both those we want to keep to ourselves and those we want to transmit. The American researcher Robert Rosenthal measured the impact...

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When | Daily | For pain | Important points How? | Setting up | Cleanliness and hygiene When to wear a lumbar belt and for which pathologies? The use of a lumbar belt is useful in many cases, whether you are recovering, or looking for a solution to relieve your lower back pain. But also to support the lower back and the spine in its activities, such as physical work or a demanding sport such as weight training. Wear a lumbar belt every day It can be useful and recommended to use a lumbar belt when you are used to...

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Choose | Types | Characteristics | Summary | Where buy Back pain affects millions of people every year, statistics show. These individuals suffer from back pain in one form or another. It is important to know that adequate spinal support can offer a solution to alleviating pain and discomfort. Back supports provide stability to the spine, compensating for the discomfort of any activity, and aiding in the treatment and recovery of a wide variety of specific injuries. These injuries can cause mild or moderate discomfort but can sometimes cause severe and debilitating pain. Back problems are as diverse as the...

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