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Rachialgia and back pain, a disease of the century?

Rachialgia and back pain, a disease of the century?

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Almost 60 of the population complains of back pain.

Spine pain (or back pain) are symptoms extremely prevalent in the general population; their frequency is very high, compared to other very common pathologies such as asthma.

It is this observation of frequency that prompts most authors to consider back pain as one of the most important health problems of contemporary industrialized societies.

But while there are many studies on low back pain, that is to say lower back pain, we find much less on neck pain, conditions that affect the neck area.

However, neck pain is apparently as widespread as lower back pain.

According to a study by Inserm in France, these pains affect women more than men (1). And they occur at a fairly young age, between 20 and 30 years old. Or at the start of working life.

In half of the cases, this pain does not come on suddenly, but it gradually settles over the course of daily activities. They are clearly caused by repeating stresses, such as tiring and prolonged postures. They can be accompanied by headaches, dizziness and pain in the arms or shoulders. It is the insidious evil of behavioral habits at work, which is aggravated by thele stress and productivity requirements.

No wonder, therefore, that neck pain affects office staff as much as it does people exposed to work.

A significant proportion of people who complain about their necks are more successful in getting rid of their pain. They begin to suffer from chronic back pain, which is difficult to measure how it settles in patients.ts.

But the medical profession is clear: we must develop prevention and early management of these conditions.

Any back pain, whether cervical or lumbar, most often begins with mild spinal pain. The signal should be taken seriously to avoid the deterioration of the situation and the occurrence of irremediable harm.

It is at this price only that we will not allow ourselves to be won over by the evil of the century.

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1: Inserm: descriptive epidemiology

Image by 8thBox of Pixabay

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