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CapRelax® medical device

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CapRelax® medical device

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1 - The physiological need to rest the shoulder girdle is essential for everyday life. This often results in reflex and unconscious mechanisms like putting your hands in your pockets, resting your forearms on an armrest, crossing your forearms.

People with arms crossed

The most relevant position is elbows close to the body, flexion around 90, shoulders relaxed, spine corrected, hands and wrists in a neutral position without hyperflexion or hyperextension. The support of the forearms, wrists and hands provides the desired muscle relaxation..

This must be done in the best position to avoid any biomechanical overwork at the risk of aggravating certain mechanical pathologies and optimizing periods of rest and recovery.

2 The only existing medical devices are immobilization orthosis shoulder, elbow, wrist no freedom of movement ores posture corrective textiles but which do not support the forearms.

3 -CapRelax® is a innovative and patented medical device which combines, in the same versatile textile, forearm support and support in the best analgesic and relaxed position of the entire shoulder girdle, the postural correction with a good distribution of support at the level of the cervical spine adapted textile indentation, shoulder, elbow, wrist and freedom of movement by promoting the good.

WHY CapRelax ?

This new textile concept is unique INPI patent by its manufacturing and his function because it allows, at the same time, to support, correct, relax and relieve at rest and in activity.

My CapRelax®, the last product of the company is the result of the medical research validation studies and textile engineering with a innovative and successful concept who assures :

- 1 The support and maintenance forearms and hand in hand best position which is physiologically essential,

- 2) Optimization of posture corrections of the entire shoulder girdle cervico-dorsal column, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands in static and dynamic,

- 3 The facilitation of good movements proprioceptive reminders according to the different pathologies,

-All 1 2 3 provides rapid pain relief and the necessary sagging thanks to the better distribution of support at the cervical level with the specific cervical notch, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand with the thumb rest postural guide which maintains the upper limb in the correct axis statically and dynamically. Relaxation is optimized by high quality fleece (300gr / m², calorific and very resistant.

Indications :

My CapRelax® is indicated for the treatment and prevention of chronic and painful pathologies cervical spine, shoulders, upper limbs elbows, wrists, carpal tunnel,. It can be used in certain cases of fibromyalgia, of inflammatory pathologies tendonitis type, shoulder capsulitis, flare-up arthritis.

It's the ideal complement for the doctor, the surgeon but also the physiotherapist and osteopath by extending the benefits.

This textile device allows position yourself well during periods of activity, avoid deleterious biomechanical constraints but alsot optimize periods of rest and recovery.

It's the only medical device to help the resumption of normal activity in the short, medium or long term, at work or at home, following a surgical treatment, medical infiltration, manipulation, rehabilitation, after the period of immobilization by plasters or orthoses.

It is also indicated during periods of biomechanical overwork after a long day of work, DIY, gardening, sports practice,...

CapRelax - details and operation


(JM. MARTIN, physiotherapist, S. COUZAN, vascular doctor)

My CapRelax® has been medically validated clinical studies in patients with pathologies of the shoulder, elbow, wrist carpal tunnel and in some cases of fibromyalgia.

This medical device has been validated during the post-surgical period particularly during the rehabilitation to everyday life because there is no other equivalent medical device for this period which is medically and functionally crucial.

It is integrated into the specific and updated support for thoraco-brachial outlet syndrome and brachial plexus syndrome* with or without associated pathologies.

Of clinical studies were carried out in medical centers for thalassotherapy, fitness, cure centers, rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation centers,…

The findings confirmed that My CapRelax® is a major medical innovation in 2020 and the most complete medical device allowing to optimize the effectiveness of the various usual treatments by its combined action of support, correct, relax and relieve at rest and in activity.


1 - One of the big advantages of the validated efficiency of My CapRelax® is there's no need to wear it permanently.

- To get a Cocooning relaxation effect, a port of 15 to 20 minutes, at will or on demand, is sufficient massage effect when you want and where you want!).

- For a therapeutic and anti-pain effect, the port can be prolonged and more frequent but without causing any gene.

2 -My CapRelax® is also reversible the product with a significant medical interest speak specific adjustment of the height of the forearms and hands providing optimal efficiency with either more maintenance or either more looseness.


By analogy to reference lumbar belt (Dr. G's belt, for the shoulder gird, the medical device of the 21st century is the CapRelax of physiotherapist MARTIN.

* scientific publications :

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