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How to use an ergonomic shape memory pillow?

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How to use an ergonomic shape memory pillow?

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Whether it's everyday stress, big life events, or just too long exposure to screens, most people don't sleep well. Choosing your pillow can help you rest, especially if neck pain is a symptom or the cause of your stress.

A comfortable bed you look forward to is part of a good sleep routine and stress management. The ergonomic memory foam pillows are among the most popular for those who wish to improve their resting comfort, especially for those who suffer from neck pain. Memory foam pillows work with your body's weight and heat, softening to the perfect shape to support your head and neck. It is important to use your memory foam pillow correctly to improve your sleep. But before we see how to use it properly, let's see together what is the origin of memory foam.

What is memory foam?

According to an urban legend, NASA invented memory foam in the 1970s to protect astronauts during space flights. Although NASA claims to have participated in the development of memory foam, Charles yost is credited with the invention while under contract with NASA in 1966 for use in airplanes. Yost named viscoelastic foam temper foam and marketed it primarily for medical use. The viscosity of the foam allows your body heat to soften the pillow. This allows your head to be supported differently than with traditional pillows, which helps relieve neck and back pain.

Which ergonomic pillow to choose?

Take the time to choose your ergonomic pillow. You have to think about the height that suits you best, the material bamboo fiber for example and also choose the shape the ergonomics you want. The best ergonomic pillows are flat on one side and curved on the other. The larger of the two curves is designed to cradle your neck.

Be careful, not all shape memory foams are the same and the quality of the foam is important. You can tell you have the right kind of foam if you press your hand firmly on the pillow and the imprint not only looks like your hand, but retracts within seconds. You also want to have a dense foam because it will give you better support. A foam density between 2 and 3 kg / m3 is ideal.

Memory foam and hand trace on pillow

Ergonomic or shape memory pillow?

Answer: both! Whenever possible, choose an ergonomic pillow with memory foam. But what a difference so will you tell me an ergonomic pillow is a pillow which has a specific shape, generally curved, to facilitate comfort and support for the head and neck. While a memory foam pillow concerns more the material, foam therefore, which best adapts to the shape of your head and its position on the pillow. The peculiarity is that the foam returns to its original shape after use.

So it is better to combine the two advantages in one!

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How to sleep on an ergonomic memory foam pillow?

Place the flat side of your pillow down and orient the pillow with the larger of the two curves toward the foot of your bed. This will give you maximum support for your head and neck, whether you sleep on your side or on your back.

Sit on your back on your pillow and let your head sink down. Even if the pillow seems too hard at first, stick to it. It takes a little while for the foam to adjust its shape. In a few minutes, you will feel that the pillow conforms to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders thanks to the heat of your body. Then, as the foam cools, it becomes more rigid. Now is the perfect time to take a few cleansing breaths or meditate for a few minutes to encourage your body and brain to get a deep, stress-free sleep.

Ergonomic pillow and woman lying on her back

Memory foam pillows are not ideal for tummy sleepers

It is recommended that you do not sleep on your stomach with a memory foam pillow. The unique shape of the pillow can place a prone sleeper's head and neck at unusual angles, which can increase neck pain and headaches.

Sleeping on your stomach, regardless of the type of pillow you use, can make you wake up with a stiff neck and can have negative effects on your shoulders, upper back, jaw, and vital organs. Using an ergonomic pillow may prevent sleeping on your stomach due to general discomfort.

Regardless of which position you prefer to sleep in, ergonomic memory foam pillows can help you rest better every night, even if that means teaching your body not to sleep on your stomach. And better sleep helps decrease stress and increase alertness.

ergonomic shape memory neck pillow

Try this ergonomic shape memory neck pillow for a good night

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