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Back massager: what are the benefits?

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Back massager: what are the benefits?

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  1. Types of back massagers
  2. The benefits of using a back massager
  3. How to choose the right back massager?
  4. What to think of Shiatsu back massagers?
  5. Where to find a reliable back massager?

We live in a time when stress spares no one. The causal factors are multiple but we can particularly point the finger at the sedentary lifestyle and the hectic pace of life that most people lead. Poor diet and a lack of sleep are no big deal. They can even get worse when personal and / or money issues add to the equation. Stress is naturally harmful to well-being, but it also causes certain physical ailments including back and neck pain.

According to researchers, stress can actually cause lower back pain, but the reverse is also possible. You risk falling into a vicious circle if you do not find the right solution very quickly. In this, the use of a back massager can come in handy. It is a double-edged sword that fights stress as well as back pain. For some time now, massagers have become popular. If you are targeting the back in particular, there are several types of devices to choose from. But are they really effective in maintaining well-being and preventing back, shoulder and neck pain Here are the answers!

Types of back massagers

You will find a myriad of back massagers on the market, but we can categorize them into two main categories:

  • Manual massagers;

  • Electric massagers.

Manual back massagers

If you want simplicity, go for a manual model. In general, it's smaller, lighter, and affordable. Manual back massagers are often made with wood or plastic, nothing fancy! However, their use may require more effort. Because of this, they may be less practical than electric massagers. However, there are exceptions such as the acupressure back massage roller, the lumbar massage roller and the manual acupressure neck massager.

Acupressure massage roller and woman with lumbar and cervical pain

Electric back massagers

For an electric back massager, the choice is between 4 different types of devices. First, you have the massage chair that relieves and relaxes the whole body. It is certainly the most powerful electric massage device but also the most expensive, which is quite normal. In particular, a high-end massage chair can cost nearly 4,000$.

If you want a less bulky and less expensive back massager, we recommend the massage seat. It is made up of two parts: the seat and the back. It is a transportable back massager that fits into all types of seat: chair, sofa, car seat, etc. So you can take it almost everywhere, even during the holidays. Furthermore, the massage it provides comes from the rotating balls that move along the spine.

Third alternative: the massage mat that can be easily placed on the bed. You just have to lie down and the electric massager will massage your back, but also the back of your neck. It provides a relaxing massage. In addition, you can buy a neck massager or Shiatsu cervical massager to relax your shoulders and neck.

The benefits of using a back massager

Back massage prevents and considerably reduces pain localized in this area, whether caused by stress, bad posture, sedentary lifestyle or other. It also allows you to release all the tensions that are bothering your body. Besides, it helps to eliminate toxins and improves blood circulation. Back massage increases the quality of sleep and strengthens the immune system. It even relieves many ailments, to name only migraines. This is explained by the fact that several acupuncture points are located on the back. Some experts even qualify this part of the body as THE sentimental center of it. Clearly, relaxation in the back comes down to relieving the heart and the body as a whole.

Imagine that a back massager gives you all of these benefits. In addition, you will not have to go to a specialized institute or have a masseur come to your home to take advantage of it. Your schedule will not be messed up and you will save money, especially in the long term. Whenever you want, you can massage your back. Some equipment like the lumbar massage roller can even be taken everywhere.

Lumbar massage roller and woman who uses it

The health benefits of a back massager are numerous. The massages it provides improve digestion and fight fatigue. And of course, this provides a pleasant feeling of well-being. Thanks to regular sessions, you will feel totally relaxed. It is one of the most effective anti-stress devices. It keeps you safe from languor, anxiety and depression. But for that, you have to make the right choice.

How to choose the right back massager?

Not all back massagers are created equal. Some are more effective than others. To avoid running into a machine that won't bring you much, remember to check the following criteria. The very first parameter to see imperatively is the vibration. The latter greatly impacts the ability of the device to relax muscles, tone the skin and fight stress.

The most efficient models even have a heating option for optimal results. This is because the muscles become easier to massage when they are heated. Moreover, if you want to acquire an electric roller massager, we recommend that you select a heated model. Why? Because the sensation of the rollers on the skin can be unpleasant if they are cold. You can also opt for a neck and neck massager if you feel that your muscle tension is mainly located in these parts of the body.

What to think of Shiatsu back massagers?

The term Shiatsu has become trendy for a few years now. But what is it? It is a Japanese therapy that aims to soothe and re-energize the body. The principle is to exert pressure on the acupuncture meridians in order to promote relaxation. In addition to the advantages of the back massagers already mentioned above, those that deploy the Shiatsu technique regulate blood pressure and give the body more flexibility. In addition, shiatsu massage and back pain go hand in hand.

Woman with Shiatsu massage device

Where to find a reliable back massager?

As you can see, using a back massager is good for your health, well-being and even for your wallet. But to be sure to reap all of these benefits, one should buy a quality product. In this you will find the best back massagers on In addition, delivery is free. In particular, you will find acupressure back massage roller, Jade stone massage roller, electric neck massager and Shiatsu cervical massager. The website offers other products for back pain and neck pain as well.

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