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INTRODUCTION: 1 - The physiological need to rest the shoulder girdle is essential for everyday life. This often results in reflex and unconscious mechanisms like putting your hands in your pockets, resting your forearms on an armrest, crossing your forearms. The most relevant position is elbows close to the body, flexion around 90, shoulders relaxed, spine corrected, hands and wrists in a neutral position without hyperflexion or hyperextension. The support of the forearms, wrists and hands provides the desired muscle relaxation.. This must be done in the best position to avoid any biomechanical overwork at the risk of aggravating certain...

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Summary: Types of back massagers The benefits of using a back massager How to choose the right back massager? What to think of Shiatsu back massagers? Where to find a reliable back massager? We live in a time when stress spares no one. The causal factors are multiple but we can particularly point the finger at the sedentary lifestyle and the hectic pace of life that most people lead. Poor diet and a lack of sleep are no big deal. They can even get worse when personal and / or money issues add to the equation. Stress is naturally harmful...

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Cervicalgie, Mal de dos, Stress -

Contents: Why this link between stress and back / neck pain? What is the type of stress associated with back and neck pain? Stress and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS) Why back pain from stress? How to fight stress and back pain? Fight against stress to avoid back and neck pain Prevent stress-related back and neck pain Back pain and stress are both common problems these days. What many people ignore is that they can be intimately related. Back pain often goes up to the neck. They are caused by different causes. We can cite among others bad posture, poor quality of...

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Cervicalgie, Douleurs cervicales, lombalgie, Mal de dos -

According to The universal language of the body by Philippe Turchet. Summary: Transient emotions and permanent emotions Left brain and right brain Micro-itching The symbolism of the body is universal The neck is the royal road to emotions The back, an eminently symbolic area Shoulders to support The body thinks out loud We don't realize it, but more than 80 of our exchanges go through channels other than words. The body speaks, it expresses all of our emotions, both those we want to keep to ourselves and those we want to transmit. The American researcher Robert Rosenthal measured the impact...

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Arthrose, Arthrose cervicale, Cervicalgie, Cervicarthrose, Discopathie, Douleurs cervicales, Hernie discale, Mal de dos, Oreiller mémoire de forme -

Shape memory | To choose | How? | Recommendation Whether it's everyday stress, big life events, or just too long exposure to screens, most people don't sleep well. Choosing your pillow can help you rest, especially if neck pain is a symptom or the cause of your stress. A comfortable bed you look forward to is part of a good sleep routine and stress management. The ergonomic memory foam pillows are among the most popular for those who wish to improve their resting comfort, especially for those who suffer from neck pain. Memory foam pillows work with your body's weight...

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